Wisselingh en Toorens recruits, selects and contracts specialists, companies or institutions to carry out assignments for our clients. Assignments may be completed as contract work or on the basis of a cost-plus contract (offset by hours or days worked).

Wisselingh en Toorens prepares a quotation beforehand, and although the assignments usually involve custom work, this quotation is generally free of charge, and comes with no obligation for the client.

For the professionals carrying out the work, Wisselingh en Toorens is an employer subject to the laws of the Netherlands. For independent professionals, Wisselingh en Toorens offers management services (project acquisition, contract meetings, supervision during the work, and ensuring prompt payment).

Wisselingh en Toorens has the necessary experience when it comes to cross-border work. This is a key benefit for our clients since the tax legislation for working with expats is very complex. For its recruitment activities in the United Kingdom, specifically the offshore sector, Wisselingh en Toorens has been working with the British company Recruit12 ( for years.

Wisselingh en Toorens places a high priority on building long-term relationships with both its clients and the professionals it works with. These parties have come to expect a professional attitude, specific expertise, a transparent approach, discretion and genuine interest in the profession from us.